Can I say “sporadic”?


Where the hell am I, anyway? Writing wise, in the “meh” stage.  Just getting down to basics again and wondering why I keep plugging away at a day job when I’d much rather be plugging away, at my own time/place on a keyboard with the freedom to write whatever the hell I want to.

And, somehow, some crazy folks may be interested in paying me for the pleasure of reading the aforementioned scribbles.

In the book I mentioned in my last blog post, regarding the 90 day novel, one of the first things asked is what do you fear? Why do you fear writing?

In my case, I’m not quite sure it’s fear so much as complacency  – I’m complacent in my job, my life, and I’m yet, in the back of my mind I’ve always had this itch that needed to be scratched. This sense of something greater that I should be doing and I just let endless distractions keep me from doing those very things. Hell, if you can’t even writing in your own blog, then what business do you have writing stuff worth having someone pay for, right?