Did I mention I like Maps…?

Okay, here’s the deal. I am writing “high fantasy” – which is to say, it’s completely my own world. I don’t even begin to feel comfortable writing much at all until I have it very well fleshed out. And, after putting all that work in creating an entire world, I have no intention of just doing one story in it. I wouldn’t be surprised if every fantasy story I ever write takes place in this world.

Now, GRRM – George R. R. Martin, who, in no small part due to his wildly successful series on HBO right now, is the current reigning king of pop sorry – king of fantasy writing. Here’s a fine example of a few of the family trees in his story.

I’m sure you can imagine .. this guy has really developed his world (over the course of a decade or two) and he continues to write it in such an exciting manner that his readers (self included) want to come back for more as often as possible.

That, to me, is the challenge of every fantasy author. If you’re going to create a world, you also have to have the writing chops to “sell it”; at least if you want to have return visits.