Google Docs: Folder uploads are awesome!

Something I discovered today, and it might be a neat trick for other writers to use. It’s a good idea to keep backups of your files, particularly all your writing. I’ve recently discussed my travails when it came to losing my map, and for someone like me who puts a lot of detail of his world into his writing, it’s something of a soul crushing loss.

Google has made it easier than ever to upload entire directories into their “Google Docs” site. You’ll want to ensure your privacy settings are on, so you’re not showing your underware to the world, but when it comes to easy (and price!) for offsite storage of your latest novella, this can’t be beat.

You’ll need to get a plugin for Firefox or IE, though Chrome (or Chromium for linux users), which is Google’s web browser, comes with the functionality natively. When you add Google Docs to your account, if it’s not already, and you choose to upload, there will be an option there to upload a directory. Wow!

One thing to beware of – folders within folders; also it seems to have different issues with Linux vs. Windows, but give it a shot! Let me know how it works out for you.