Great writing advice

Was over on Russell Blake’s blog – the dude is incredibly prolific. Even if I didn’t have a lucrative day job, I’d be hard pressed to produce like he does – at a novel every FIVE WEEKS. Wow.

He posted this and I had to race over here and repost this bit of it, because it is hilarious, obvious, yet still bears repeating:

If you want to get good at something, do a lot of it. Seems simple to me. Want to get good at writing? Write a lot. There. I’ve given you the keys to the kingdom. Use them wisely.

It works better on his blog. ;) But, he’s also incredibly funny as well as down to earth. Living the dream, and all that. Definitely a writer to watch!

Also, this:

That doesn’t mean you have to publish everything you write. I didn’t publish the first decade of my scribblings. But I wrote. Constantly.

Talent only takes you a little ways. It’s effort that takes you the rest of the distance.