Kindle Vs. Nook

This isn’t going to be exhausted. In fact, I’ve only seen the new Nook today, but it’s AWESOME.

Touch screen, and you can turn pages on the screen or using the bottons. Seems to have the same screen size as the larger Kindle, however, since there is no keypad/keyboard, it results in a smaller form factor. It’s based on the Android OS, so has full web functionality built in.

It’s got an expandable RAM slot, which is also nice. It has the same type of screen as the Kindle, where it is not backlit, thus it is easy on the eyes when it comes to reading.

In any case, I LOVE my Kindle. I love Amazon, and have been an avid Amazon supporter/buyer since the turn of the millennium. Having said that, the Nook is (finally) giving the Kindle a run for its money.