So, I got kind of tired of seeing these weird avatars that are a cross between that Fox space cartoon they kept trying to cancel and weird looking hand-drawn aliens. I’m not exactly a wordpress neophyte.. nor am I a slacker in technology, making a darn good living in the IT sector for the past twenty years. I started out as a tech support person getting people who could hardly pronounce the word “Internet” – actually onto the Internet back on 33.6k modems. (Yes, they eventually got faster.)

I went all the way up to be a program manager and have settled comfortably into the role of a team lead whilst I attempt to make my way in the world of writing.

But I’ll be DANGED if it wasn’t a two hour stoppage in writing just to find out how to get rid of those STUPID looking avatars. For the record, it’s under the Word Press admin>Settings (underneath Appearance, etc) and then >Discussion. I’d somewhere along the line in the past three years changed it from the default and must have chosen those on a whim. Or maybe I was on some bad medication, I don’t know what.

But, they are GONE now, thankfully. Why couldn’t it just use my Disqus avatar? At the moment at least, it’s a very cool lego ™ Boba Fett picture. Can’t beat that!