Maps Version 2.0

I found the dang thing! It’s low rez, I can’t read half the names, but after approximately 40 hours of searching, I found it! Yes, I did an Irish jig (mentally anyway) after I found it. I also then went off to Pro Fantasy software and started watching videos on how to make a more professional version of my map.

I know, this is wasting a lot of time and “writers write!” But my brain works a certain way, and having things spatially centered makes sense to me. I don’t like having to go back over things a second time, if it can be done right the first time. My first drafts tend to be in pretty good shape.

Okay, I need to mention this for anyone that needs to make a map. By all means, if you’re on a budget, just use pen and paper, and maybe some crayons or colored pencil. However, if you can afford what is essentially an AutoCAD program designed for gamers, authors and game designers, you can’t beat the less than $50 you’ll spend on Campaign Cartographer 3.

It’s complex to use at first, but for world creators that epic fantasy writers tend to be, you just can’t beat it. Check it out:

  • Allu

    Yeah! You know how happy I am about this. Glad you found your map. Weee!