I think fantasy literature is quite possibly unique in their need and/or use of maps. Part of the reason is if you’re writing a novel set in Pittsburgh, most American readers will get the gist and anyone else can google a map, if they so choose, in a few seconds.

No so, a world created out of the grey matter in an author’s head. So, who uses maps anyway? I do, for one. I love maps in stories and go a bit crazy when authors don’t provide them in their books. Always makes me wonder if they don’t have one and they’re just kind of spinning the tail, irrespective of any relation to any reality, much less their own. Or, do they create one for their own use and aid in keeping their story straight, but for reasons known only to the author, do they decide not to produce it for their readers.

In any case, I DO like my maps. And, I’m in a quandary. I drew a map and had attached untold amounts of history to it, using javascript and some html. Only problem is, I’ve lost it. I’ve turned my house upside down and I’m to the point that I have to give up and start over. Over a hundred hours, or more, of time invested in this thing and POOF. Yuck. Since I work full-time while trying to squeeze in 10-20 hours of writing a week, that sets me back months of time.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Backups. And I had backups. I neglected to mention I started working on this map back in 1999. I had multiple backups, but the world had been backburnered for ages. One hard drive after another failed and it just got missed.

Blah, I’m venting. And verbalizing the mental plunge I’m having to make – which is to scrap that world, gather what notes I have, and move on.