New Year, New leaf

Wow, big things coming down the pike in 2016. A new president. A new iPhone.. what, you haven’t heard about it? I’d be shocked.. SHOCKED, if Apple didn’t have some type of new iSomething come out. ;)

But, new stories, new worlds to create, new goals, new word counts. New toys, to play with, post Christmas. Most importantly, new consistency!

You see, this handle of mine is when I’ve got my fantasy/sci-fi writing hat on. One that I’ve worn for 25 years or so, but have never had the chance to really explore it much. But, with the self-publishing bonanza that’s been underway for about seven years now (with the dawn of the Kindle) – it’s time for me to pull out the hat, throw on some boots, and ride me a big ol’ Sci-fi/Fantasy horse. (To really put an odd spin on that analogy, eh? ;) )

In any case, I’m going to be posting here of my writing travails. I may even post the occasional lesson learned and victories won.

For now, I leave you with this. Perseverance is more important than talent. I know this, because Calvin Coolidge told me so. ;)