Sex in books again..

Fact is, putting sex in a story ain’t as easy as it sounds. It’s a really big question – sure, it sells, but it also turns some people off. And as someone who sells something, you really want to minimize how many people you are turning off due to something arbitrary about your writing.

Let me put it like this. My story is in the fantasy genre, and that right there will cut out I have no idea how many people from reading it – due to the fact they don’t read fantasy. Just like I don’t read horror or romance. Well, if you DO NOT have sex in your book, you’re not going to keep away the people who want to read about sex. Sex is everywhere, and it’s free on the ‘Net, so you risk nothing by avoiding it.

I’m starting to think what you need is sex, but put relatively delicately so that titillate w/out insulting or turning people off. It’s a tough call, but you’re writers! You can do it! ;)