Age old question, eh? How much sex is too much? How much will drive people all willy nilly? Will they write you nastygrams? Will they say you’re writing porn? Darn good question.

Fact is, though, that sex sells. I’m not saying everyone needs to go crazy on writing sex into their books, but fornication is practically a national past time. But, I digress.

I’m dealing with this now – just how far to go with the sex stuff? I am not going to go crazy with it, as I am writing fiction, not porn. But, I think it’s also silly that Fantasy as a genre tends to shy away from sex too much. Why? I mean, what word goes better with Fantasy than “Sexual”. And think about all the neat and creative things you can do with magic or science fiction once you toss a little sex into the mix?

However, there are norms. I have ranted ad nauseum about how – as much as I like GRRM’s writing, he broke a LOT of fantasy norms, and IMO, not really for the better. I mean, he loved to kill off his characters, man. I can handle the incest, the dwarfs and even assassination attempts against innocent children (hey, it’s realism, baby!). But killing off characters that readers get invested in is just plain rude!

So, the sex is in. Let’s see how it works out…