Sweet Georgia Brown! Amazon is fighting the spammers…

A few wonderful concepts that are missed by both the writer of this article and the commenters to it at the New York Times.

The writer at least did some research by going to the Warrior Forum – a well-known website that caters to the Internet Marketer. And, I have no doubt that thousands of dollars have been made by Internet Marketers showing others how to clutter up the airwaves with duplicate copies of books. Konrath, who I have taken on as an un-asked for mentor, mentioned recently in a blog post how much useless crap is out there and how it could be impacting sales.

Anyway, the bit I take away from the article is WAAHOO. Those of us who write legitimate stories, even bad ones, are going to be able to be found a lot easier when the bogus stuff goes away. Amazon is absolutely correct in getting rid of this nonsense. Someone “wrote” 22 books in one weekend?

Can you imagine what the Russian spammers would do with this? And it was really only just beginning. I imagine Amazon will have to continue to fight spam and this is merely the first salvo in a long war. One quick way to fight spammers is if Amazon charged $10 or $50 to publish a book. Someone will hesitate before dropping $50 if they are unsure they’ll ever sell 50 copies of the book. Spammers really only work when pushing content is nearly free – or if the benefit of ill-gotten gains outweigh the cost.