Switching to Scrivener

I’m kinda late to the game on this one. I tried Scrivener¬†years ago. It just didn’t take. A few years later, tried it again to similar results. I just didn’t see the need – Word seemed to do the trick, and it’s not because I’m some backwoods anti-techno-I-wish-we-still-used-horse-and-carriage-types. Far from it! I’m such an earlier adopter, I was adopting tech before most of you young whippersnappers were born! ;)

I kid. In any case, I’m learning it now. I also use about 3% of its capabilities, and even those are extremely helpful. Mostly because, once you get down to serious writing, and assembling multiple stories across multiple books, you start to lose track of all the “stuff”. I honestly don’t know how the likes of Tolkien, Martin and Jordan did it. Course, Tolkien published only four books, Jordan didn’t finish, and Martin is notoriously slow, and hasn’t finished either.

So, maybe I’m on to something…

How about something useful? Okay, okay. Here are some links I’ve found while looking around at Scrivener:









And so on, and such what. ;)


  • http://jamigold.com Jami Gold

    Thanks for the shout out to my Scrivener template! I hope people find it helpful. :)

    And good luck to you in finding a way to make it work for your process. Personally, I’m using OneNote for all that story/series bible stuff, but there’s definitely no “one right way.” LOL!

    • Jake

      Thanks for stopping by! My site’s still in a bit of a mess – converting over to a new template and all. But yeah, I’ve been gathering a bunch of stuff, and I believe I’ll be using Scrivener in the opposite way – compile all my “junk” there – and then just do my pure writing on Google docs. Mainly because I’m out and bout and all over the place (with my day job) and I’d like to have a spot where I can just write quickly, without worrying about using some other app (like dropbox) to keep all my writing in sync.

      But, that’s going to be my next blog post. :)