Why I’m blogging now…

This isn’t exactly my first turn around the bend. A little about me. I’ve read and loved fantasy since .. well, let’s say the late ’70s. I’ve played pen and paper (PNP) desktop games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, computer games, such as the original Neverwinter Nights (Commodore 64 version!) and have written for decades. My one problem is though I get paid to write, I’ve only written a few articles here and there in the genre that I love – that have actually paid me money.

Somehow or another, I’ve taken it upon myself to prove the concept that someone besides Jordan, Tolkien, Martin and Goodkind can actually make money writing fantasy novels.

My style is more along the lines of Zelazny and Brust – at least, my preferred style is. I write in a world of my own creation, as I’ve been creating worlds for a long, long time. I know it’s slightly cheeky,but I can say without embarrassment that playing role playing games can really prepare oneself for the daunting task of building a world, peopling it with amazing characters and then provide entertainment to others as they take weekly visits into your head world. ;)