Word Totals

What’s a good way to get a word count on a book? No, seriously. I’ve looked. It ain’t easy.

Sure, if you have Microsoft’s Word and you hit properties, you can get the word count of a document. I get that – but what about a book on Amazon? I wanted to know for some comparative reasons. You know, what the competition, err.. I mean what fellow writers are doing in my selected genre: fantasy. How much are they charging per word, if that’s possible to find out.

Well, I’ll tell you, it ain’t easy. One thing I do know, that’s somewhat unrelated to word count – and that it’s really hard to find inexpensive novels in my genre on the Kindle.

Anyone have ANY idea how to get word counts on published works?? I’m dyin over here. Or, at least, I’d love the information for research purposes.

  • Allu

    I’ve found a few online when I’ve looked them up. If you look up “The Wheel of Time” in wiki (I think) it will give a publication graph or such and I found a word count there. Maybe google it? Most books in the paperback size are 250-300 words per page, depending in size, etc. Maybe that will help!